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Seeking Nominations for Kickball Commissioner

Now entering our 12th Season, Stonewall Sports Pittsburgh is currently looking for an individual that believes in the values of Stonewall and its purpose for our community to serve as the Commissioner of Kickball. This role comes with quite the list of responsibilities and obligations. We feel confident that there are individuals within our community that will accept this challenge, and continue the work to create a place for sports, community, family, and acceptance.

We are looking for individuals to either nominate themselves to fill the vacant position OR nominate a fellow individual that you feel exhibits the qualities to lead the next seasons of Kickball in Pittsburgh.

Applicants should have previous participation in Stonewall Kickball and/or equivalent & justified experience with the sport. Availability to actively be involved during the sport’s season and off-season meetings and events. And, good standing in our community. The application will be open from January 11, until Sunday, January 19 at 11:59 p.m.

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