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Aaron White

Aaron White to Lead Kickball starting 2020

Pittsburgh, PA, (February 4, 2020) — Stonewall Alliance and Stonewall Sports Pittsburgh appoint Aaron White to role of Kickball Commissioner for sport’s twelfth season.

Aaron White’s received multiple nominations for the role of kickball commissioner during the nomination period and was officially approved by the Stonewall Alliance board on January 27, 2020.

Each nomination received showcased White’s passion for being a leader and imparting his vision of Stonewall to include more diversity. “Diversity is more than just the types of people that are involved. It’s about the different cultures coming together and celebrating themselves being different” stated White. He also feels that the kickball league “can be a place for [players] to discover who they are and find others with similar beliefs, experiences, ideals, and other personal qualities.”

Kickball began as the first of the Stonewall Sports in Pittsburgh starting in fall 2014. Now in its 12th season, kickball is the largest sport program within the organization. White is the fourth commissioner in the sport’s history with the organization, having been preceded by Brian Adams, Rob Anderson and Devin Redinger.

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