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Stonewall Sports – Pittsburgh is an LGBTQ & Ally not-for-profit adult sports league. Our primary goal is to create an increasingly connected and diverse LGBTQ community by providing additional spaces for people to meet and socialize: namely through organized competition and associated social and fundraising events.

Stonewall Sports began with Kickball in Washington, DC in 2010. Over the past five years it has expanded to nine cities with some cities adding additional sports including Dodgeball, Darts, Volleyball, etc. Pittsburgh started Stonewall Kickball in the Fall of 2014 with an inaugural season of 5 teams totaling 85 players. Stonewall Dodgeball – Pittsburgh began just a few months later in January of 2015 with membership growing to 130 players on 8 teams. With a continuing growth trend, Stonewall Kickball returned for a Spring season and the currently underway Fall season both with upwards of 300 players!

As the number of players and available sports continues to expand, the leadership teams of both Stonewall Kickball and Stonewall Dodgeball found it necessary to consolidate their efforts by pulling both sports in under a larger umbrella, Stonewall Sports – Pittsburgh! Under this new model the individual sports maintained separate leadership teams in charge of day-to-day game operations, while the Stonewall Sports leadership board handles long-term goals and objective including finances, social activities, and community outreach opportunities. This streamlined approach allows for continued high- quality social sport experiences and increased coordination between Pittsburgh’s Stonewall sports.

Our leagues are for everyone, so even if you haven’t played since middle school, or if you’ve been playing in adult leagues for years, you will enjoy what we’ve got to offer!

Our Mission

To provide an inclusive and diverse, low-cost and high-fun adult sports league that is managed as a non-profit with a philanthropic heart.

Our Vision

We believe every Pittsburgher, regardless or athletic ability or previous experience with leagues, should have the ability to feel comfortable playing organized sports. Our league aims to create a groups of people who enjoy each other’s company so that we can strive for friendly and fun competition. We also believe that as part of a national organization, Stonewall Sports, we have an additional responsibility to give back to LGBTQ Pittsburghers in the form of outreach and support to our local community.


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