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Pickleball is a new sport set to launch in 2024.

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Message From Commissioner About Pilot Season

Based on the results of the survey we posted in this group as well as the available court space; we have decided to try out this format:

We have three courts for two hours each week, and 36 individual players can register in total. People can either register as a team of two or as an individual. There will not be substitutes. If a team member cannot attend one week, the other team member is still welcome to come and play with other people.

The survey responses indicated that most players are interested in a social league rather than competitive. We will have a variety of skill levels and we will try our best to pair the teams so that the matches are fun and enjoyable for everyone.

There will not be set match times, everyone will rotate on and off the courts for the 2-hour duration.

I understand this may not be everyone’s preference, but from my experience playing both competitive and social pickleball, I do believe it’s the best starting point. Keep in mind we are free to make changes as we go along.

If you’re familiar with pickleball, you’re likely aware of the massive disparity between the number of players and number of available courts! Therefore, I am looking at securing more courts for the fall so more players can join us. Think of this as the test season for the many more to come.