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Stonewall Yoga Pittsburgh welcomes our LGBTQ+ community to partake in regular sessions of mindfulness. Sessions occur each summer. Spring and fall sessions may be offered based on instructor availability and weather.

Reminder: Yoga is a bring-your-own-mat activity.


Program Membership
SYP Program members benefit from a one-time online fee of $40 for 8 classes and guaranteed space every week. Registration occur via the LeagueApps portal.

Walk-Up Participation
In the event that the program membership does not reach capacity, individual sessions will be accepted weekly up to the maximum capacity. A $10 walk-up participant fee will be collected. Walk-ups have no guarantee of a space. The number of weekly walk-up spaces available will be posted to the SYP Facebook Group. Walk-ups will be required to digitally sign the electronic participation waivers. (may be bundled with the fee collection process).

Participant Guidelines

  • Yoga Time. 11:00am to 12:00pm
  • Participants.
    • Attendance is always voluntary and flexible
    • Yoga instructors will have a set schedule.

Important Dates: Spring 2024 @ Hugh Lane East

  • March 3 • Deadline to apply for PIFF Assistance
  • February 28 to March 10 • Online Registration (Limit 40 Season Passes)
  • March 24 to May 12 • Week 1 to 8 – including holidays!


Amy Kreger, Program Lead