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Become The Next Yoga Commissioner For 2023-2024

Stonewall Sports Pittsburgh is currently looking for an individual that believes in the values of Stonewall and its purpose for our community to serve as the Commissioner of Yoga. This role comes with quite the list of responsibilities and obligations. SSP recognizes there are individuals within our community that will accept this challenge, and continue the work to create a place for sports, community, family, and acceptance.

Interested individuals may nominate themselves to fill the position recently held by Michelle Kaminsky.  Alternatively, peer nominations are accepted as a show of support for fellow community members.

Applicants should have previous participation in Stonewall Sports Pittsburgh and/or equivalent & justified experience with yoga coordination. No yoga certification is required to hold the role of commissioner, as the primary role is operational coordination. Availability to actively be involved during the program’s season and off-season meetings and events. And, good standing in our community. The application will be open until Sunday, April 9 at 11:59 p.m.
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Michelle Kaminsky has stepped back from the role of commissioner effective the end of spring 2023 yoga. The new commissioner will carry forward planning for the 2023 calendar year through the end of 2024. We thank Michelle for her dedication and time to the Stonewall community.

Commissioner Position Description
The position known as “Commissioner” or “Program Lead” is a voting member of the Stonewall Alliance and the primary lead for the execution of a single sport/program. A commissioner is responsible for scheduling, budgeting, registration and administration of their sport/program. The Alliance’s role is to provide the framework of tools and coordination across all sport/programs.

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