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Stonewall Sand Volleyball

Sand Volleyball Seeking To Fill Key Roles

Stonewall Sand Volleyball Pittsburgh is looking to fill board vacancies for an Assistant Director and a Head Referee. These positions will serve an important role in ensuring a successful Summer 2022 season. Board members are expected to be present during gameplay on Sundays (typically 4-5 hours) at least 50% of the time, as well as devote additional time to monthly meetings throughout the year. If this interests you, be sure to fill out this nomination form for a volleyball board position. Each position is a 1 year commitment.

Assistant Director

This position will work closely with the commissioner and will learn the basics of how to oversee a season of sand volleyball. Responsibilities include: learning to navigate the LeagueApps registration page, answering player inquiries, oversee game day operations, community outreach activities, budgeting, and other responsibilities as they arise. The assistant director position will help prepare an individual to serve as commissioner in future seasons. However, being chosen for this position does not guarantee this individual will be chosen for commissioner; the assistant director would still need to apply to and interview for the Commissioner position if they should be interested in the future.

Head Referee

This position is responsible for scheduling referees and line judges during the season (including championships); expected to know the rules and address any disputes between players; fill in as referee for needed games.


Please apply here as a Sand Volleyball Board Member and specify the position you are interested in applying for in one of the textboxes. Applications will be accepted through April 23rd. Individuals who identify as diverse, a member of a minority group, and/or trans or non-binary folks are especially encouraged to apply.

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