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Sand Volleyball Ends Summer 2021 Season With Championship Tournament and Charity Event

The 2021 Summer season of Stonewall Sand Volleyball has come to an end, but not before closing out the season with a fantastic charity event and fun-filled day of playoffs. The Stonewall Sand Volleyball leadership board held the inaugural Volley Ball, an amateur drag show, at Brewer’s Bar on Saturday, August 21. Hosted by the leadership board and Anita Lottabuckz (the board’s Anthony Miranda-Lopata), the charity event recruited four professional queens to pair up with Stonewall players to compete in a fabulous extravaganza. Monongahaley was paired with Ryan Russman, Helen Waite was paired with Tim Bell, Agnes Senga was paired with Chris Cordero (Sand Volleyball Commissioner), and Dixie Surewood was paired with Anthony Palermo. Each of the queens and amateurs performed a duet and a solo number. By audience screams, Dixie Surewood and Anthony Palermo (Stage Name: DD Surewill) were declared the inaugural Volley Ball winners. The night was a fantastic turnout, and in just 3 hours, the charity event was able to raise $1,714 dollars.

On Sunday, August 22, Stonewall Sand Volleyball held its playoffs for the season. All 20 teams competed in an elimination-style tournament. This day was filled with sunshine, great volleys, comradery, and admirable sportsmanship. The top four teams were Dump Trucks, Volley Parton, Salty Beaches, and Ace Down Pass Up. Dump Trucks became this season’s champions, after defeating Volley Parton. Overall, it was successful weekend of philanthropy and friendly competition.

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