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Kickball Health & Safety Guidelines


For Stonewall Alliance and Stonewall Sports Pittsburgh, hosting a league is more than just gathering a group of people for a recreational activity. The league also wants to ensure thoughtful and responsible health and safety standards are in place. This guide provides detailed actions taken by Stonewall Sports Pittsburgh to create a safe environment for league play.

Rule Adjustments


  • Teams will be considered “full” at 18 players.
  • Teams can choose to close their roster at 12 players and take no additional free agents, if so desired.
  • Only 8 people would need to be in attendance to avoid forfeiture.

Game Times

  • Games will adhere to a strict start & end time to help ensure there are no game overlaps and limit the amount of players on the field. 
  • Arrival & Departure from the Field
  • Players should self-assess themselves before arrival to the field. If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, stay home. 
  • If you experience symptoms while at the field, SKP Leadership retains the right to ask players to leave the field immediately and if possible, seek medical care. 
  • Sanitizing before exiting the field is highly recommended. Players who are next to play must wait until BOTH teams have cleared the field.

Game Play

  • The player at bat must run to and use the safety base at all times to limit contact with the first base player.
  • Allotted start and end times of each game will be strictly enforced. If a team cannot produce the minimum number of players (8), the team will be subject to forfeit. A game may be ended at the end of the full inning if the time allotted for the game has been reached. The score at that time will be recorded as final.

Between Innings

  • Players that are on the field will exit at the end of the inning directly to their designated sideline.
  • Teams must stay 6 feet apart or more at all times. 
  • Masks are strongly encouraged to be worn in between innings and fielding switches.


  • Cost will be set at $40 + fees 
  • Registration and Fees will be non-refundable unless the season is canceled due to local, state, or national restrictions that limit the ability to participate in public park settings. 


  • Latex (or latex-free alternative) gloves will be permitted for this season. Any performance-improvement or athletic gloves will not be permitted, as these do not prevent the spread of germs.
  • We strongly encourage/recommend mask usage for all on and off field interactions with others at all times while players are playing any portion of the game whether it be infield, outfield, batting, running, catching, pitching, etc.

Playoffs/Championship Tournament

  • Due to the nature of this season, it is entirely possible that teams may not be able to complete or participate in all games that are scheduled. If a game is forced to be postponed and ultimately canceled due to any reason, the rankings for the season will be posted and followed using actual games played.
  • Playoff schedule will be determined by standings after the final week. 
  • Once your team is eliminated, you must exit the field.
  • Last two teams will play through the end of 7 innings.


  • Umpires and Base Ref’s will stand 6 feet away from their designated assigned plates or bases. 
  • Players for games that have just ended are asked to leave the field immediately after their game ends.
  • Players are encouraged to bring their own water but if needed, bottled water will be provided 
  • There will be a strict adherence to no alcoholic beverages or smoking of any kind permitted this season before, during, or after games. 
  • Players will be given one warning per season and asked to leave immediately after any additional violations.
  • If exiting the field to use the bathroom, please maintain a physical distance from any other player or person, limiting exposures to others. It is also recommended to wear a mask upon entering and exiting the field. 

Health & Safety Accommodations

Masks are strongly recommended for players at all times. Limited masks will be available for players who do not bring their own. 

  • SKP Leadership will be following CDC guidelines regarding exposure, testing and travel.
  • Exposures, Quarantine, and Isolation recommendations from the CDC can be found here
  • These guidelines are subject to change as the CDC updates their recommendations. Each player will have their eligibility reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Sanitizing stations will be present at the fields.
  • Game balls will be wiped down/sanitized before each game by the umpire.
  • Any ball substitutions must be approved by the head umpire(s) and will enter play only after being thoroughly sanitized.
  • No spitting on the fields.
  • Players will be given one warning and asked to leave immediately after any additional violations.

Captains’ Meeting 

  • Captains and/or their co-captains MUST attend one of these meetings.
  • Review of Health and Safety Accommodations.
  • Detail the league’s COVID-19 contact information.
  • Answer questions from captains/co-captains.
  • Each team must attend one of these meetings. Failure of a team representative to attend one of these meetings may result in the team being ruled ineligible to participate.