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Summer Bowling Expanding Capacity As Popularity Grows

Stonewall Sports Pittsburgh’s bowling league is excited to announce that beginning with summer 2023, the league is expanding to be able to accept even more teams into the 10-week season.

In winter 2018, the league had just 10 teams. By winter 2020, the league had 12 teams. By winter 2022, the league expanded to 20 teams and sold out in record time while turning away incumbent teams. Now at 24 teams in winter 2023, the league is proving the ability to attract interested bowlers with 135 rostered players.

For summer 2023, the league has the ability to accept up to 32 teams. This means the league could accept up to 192 players if each team has a full roster of 6.

“Growth of this nature is wild and exciting” comments Commissioner Brian McCollum. “Our registrations have been reaching capacity as fast as some of the other sport leagues of dodgeball and kickball. The alley has been giving us as many lanes as possible every season.” Unfortunately, existing contracts with other leagues have prevented higher capacities until now.

As the league continues to maximize it’s potential capacity, the bowling league’s leadership team is continually figuring out how to manage the growth and maintain a consistent, fun experience.

Registration for summer 2023 is tentatively scheduled to begin on Tuesday, April 18 at 7:30pm, similar to regular league bowling time. This evening registration start is in an attempt to avoid a daytime registration when many are busy at work.

The summer league is expected to start Tuesday, May 30 and run into August. Schedule specifics will be announced as the season nears.

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