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Stonewall Bowling Pittsburgh

Bowling Celebrates End of Winter 2021 Season

On March 30, the Winter 2021 bowling season conducted the end-of-season tournament. As usual, bragging rights were on the line in addition to the coveted spot on the league trophy. Pittsburgh’s bowling league is unique among other Stonewall leagues in how winning teams are acknowledged. Both the 1st Place League and Tournament Champion get awarded with separate plaques on the trophy. Additionally, the 1st Place League and Tournament Champion get to each designate a charity to split the season-long fundraising efforts of $724.

Congratulations to the “The Karens” and “Strikealicious” for their tied-1st Place performance through 6 weeks of league play. The two teams jointly named Animal Friends as their charity designation.

League 1st Place (Tie) – Strikealicious & The Karens

Congratulations to the “Swing Kings” team for winning the end of season tournament. They named SisTersPGH as their charity designation.

Tournament Champions: Swing Kings

Additionally, earlier this season the Spare Bears team won a $50 AMF Gift Card on Mardi Gras night. The team opted to match it with a $50 Visa gift card and donate it to Southwestern PA Special Olympics.

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