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Stonewall Yoga Pittsburgh

Stonewall Yoga Pittsburgh is a new yoga program that welcomes LGBTQ+ community to partake in regular sessions of mindfulness. Sessions are scheduled in season increments of spring, summer and fall.

Reminder: Yoga is a bring-your-own-mat activity.

Latest Yoga News/Announcements

04.05.2021 – Registration for Spring 2021 Yoga Opens April 10

03.02.2021 – New Yoga Program Launching For Spring 2021

09.15.2020 – Stonewall Yoga sessions coming to Arsenal Park


Program Membership
SYP Program members benefit from a one-time online fee of $36 for 6 classes and guaranteed space every week. Registration occur via the LeagueApps portal.

Walk-Up Participation
In the event that the program membership does not reach capacity, individual sessions will be accepted weekly up to the maximum capacity. A $10 walk-up participant fee will be collected. Walk-ups have no guarantee of a space. The number of weekly walk-up spaces available will be posted to the SYP Facebook Group. Walk-ups will be required to digitally sign the electronic participation waivers. (may be bundled with the fee collection process).

Participant Guidelines

  • Yoga Time. Start and end times shall be adhered to (awaiting city permits).
  • Participants.
    • In-person outdoor yoga shall be limited to a 40-person capacity based on available space and the capacity to project the sound speaker
    • Attendance is always voluntary and flexible
    • Yoga instructors will have a set schedule.
  • Virtual Yoga (not guaranteed)
    • Virtual yoga may be offered if bad weather is projected.
    • An announcement will be made on Facebook.
    • A link will be provided to join online for participants who have registered using their email.

Important Dates: Spring 2021

  • April 10 to April 16 • Online Registration
  • May 16 • Week 1 at Arsenal Park
  • May 23 • Week 2 at Arsenal Park
  • May 30 • Week 3 at Arsenal Park
  • June 6 • Week 4 at Arsenal Park
  • June 13 • Week 5 at Arsenal Park
  • June 27 • Week 6 at Highland Park

Proposed Dates: Summer 2021

  • June 16 • Deadline to apply for PIFF Assistance
  • June 18 to June 24 • Online Registration
  • July 11 • Week 1 at Highland Park
  • July 18 • Week 2 at Highland Park
  • July 25 • Week 3 at Highland Park
  • August 1 • Week 4 at Highland Park
  • August 8 • Week 5 at Highland Park
  • August 15 • Week 6 at Highland Park

COVID-19 & Health Safety Precautions

Stonewall Yoga Pittsburgh will adhere to CDC, PA State DOH and Allegheny County health and safety guidelines. The program reserves the right to adapt the policies below at any time to align with those the latest federal, state and local health authorities. Any changes will be communicated with registered participants and updated on this official page.

Last updated 3/31/2021

  • Hand sanitizer will be supplied near the yoga session and encouraged for use by those entering and exiting.
  • Participants will be checked-in while distancing 6 feet apart (at least 2 arm lengths) at a designated area prior to entering the yoga practice area.
  • Prior to the start of a yoga class, leaders and assistants will mark yoga safe six-feet distancing spots for yoga mats.
  • Self-Health Assessment
    • Participants are asked to assess their health prior coming to yoga and to please stay at home if you are feeling sick.
    • Stay at home if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or are waiting on test results, are showing COVID-19 symptoms , or have had a close contact (within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more over 24 hr period) with a person who has tested positive for or who has symptoms of COVID-19.
    • If participants experience symptoms while participating in the yoga session, they should depart the area and seek guidance from a medical professional.
  • Proximity.
    • Maintain at least 6 feet of separation (about 2 arm lengths) and avoid close contact with people outside of your household or “bubble”.
    • Participants are asked not to gather before or after the yoga session and exit upon completion of the class.
  • Masks
    • Participants should wear a mask covering their nose and mouth if within 6 feet (about 2 arm lengths) of others outside of your household or “bubble”.
    • Masks are required upon entering and exiting the yoga area and using the bathroom facilities.
      Participants are not required to wear a mask on their own yoga mat.


Michelle Kaminsky, Program Lead