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The Winter season runs February through April. The Summer season runs from mid-June through early August. The Fall season runs from late September through November. The season takes place on Tuesdays at AMF Noble Manor Lanes. Scheduling is subject to change each season based on holidays and other Stonewall Sports leagues and events.

Important Dates: Fall 2022

  • August 9 to August 16 • Online Registration
  • August 7 • Deadline to apply for Play It Forward Fund
  • September 20 • Welcome Week & Bowling for Average, *Mandatory for New Bowlers*
  • September 27 through November 15 • Weeks 1 to 8
  • November 22 • End-Of-Season Tournament
  • November 29 • Special Event – “FUN WEEK”


Stonewall Bowling Pittsburgh utilizes a handicapped scoring system to create a balanced playing field for bowlers of all skill levels. While USBC is the foundation of most of our rules structure, the league opts for a more casual, recreational adaptation of the rules.
>> Read the full set of rules for the Stonewall Bowling Pittsburgh

Bowling Stats


Brian McCollum, Commissioner
Nikita Lewis, Assistant Commissioner
Casey Ryan, Assistant Commissioner
Rick St. Clair, Assistant Commissioner

For more information about bowling, please Contact the Commissioner of Bowling.