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Health & Safety Guidelines

Sand Volleyball League Pittsburgh

Rule Adjustments

  1. Rosters
    1. Teams will be considered “full” at 12 players.
    2. Teams can choose to “max” out at 8 players and take no additional free agents, if they choose.
  2. Free Agents
    1. Free agents will not be placed on teams by leadership board members.
    2. It will be the free agent’s responsibility to find a team to play on this season. Payment will not be required until a team spot is secured.
    3. Once a team is found, the free agent and team captain will have to confirm with the leadership board that each party has agreed with this decision.
  3. Game Times
    1. Games will adhere to a strict start & end time to help ensure there are no game overlaps.
  4. Attendance
    1. The attendance policy will be flexible this season. A normal season would allow up to 12 players present at the field each week. However, we will ask that no more than 8 players be present each week for play. It will be the team captain’s responsibility to rotate the players each week. The team captain must offer equal/fair play time to players throughout the season. 
      1. The 4 players not participating that week will not be allowed to attend as spectators.
      2. The leadership board will step in if players are not being provided fair/equal play time
    2. Players in- and out-of-play must adhere to the six-foot social distancing.
    3. Only 3 people would need to be in attendance to avoid forfeiture
      1. No substitutions from other teams to avoid contact exposure
    4. Rotation substitution will be used, but the players will be split up evenly on both sides of the court to also help maintain distance between players.
  5. Cost
    1. Cost will be lowered from $40 + fees to $30 + fees
      1. Factors that went into lowering the price:
        1. Reduced season length
        2. Not everyone will play every week
        3. Not all teams make the playoffs
  6. Between Sets
    1. Teams will be asked to switch sides of the court by walking around the net on opposite sides, not under the net to avoid close contact with other teams.
    2. Players are encouraged to bring their own water/water bottles, as water dispensers will not be present to avoid the spread of germs.
  7. Attire
    1. Latex gloves will be permitted for this season. Any performance-improvement or athletic gloves will not be permitted, as these do not prevent the spread of germs.
    2. We encourage/recommend mask usage for all off-court (not-actively playing) interactions with others, particularly when within the CDC recommended 6-foot distance. 
    3. Depending on when the season starts/shirts are ordered, shirts may not be required this season (the first few games will not be delayed because the shirts are not in). 
  8. Playoffs/Championship Tournament
    1. While the day of the tournament gives the players a chance to socialize with other teams, we also recognize the increased risk of exposure to any illnesses. With that being said, in an attempt to reduce the risk of contact exposure, the number of playoff-eligible teams will be limited to the top 10 teams.

  9. Miscellaneous
    1. Players for upcoming games will be asked to remain outside the fenced-in area until the current games have ended, and teams have vacated the field
    2. A board member will be at the gate to help enforce this rule
    3. Players for games that have just ended are asked to leave immediately after their game ends
    4. No bystanders or spectators allowed within the fenced in area

Health & Safety Accommodations

  1. Sanitizing stations will be present at the Highland Park courts
    1. Players will be asked to sanitize before/after each game
  2. Game balls will be wiped down/sanitized before each game
    1. Any ball substitutions must be approved by referee and only after it has been thoroughly sanitized
  3. High fives and handshakes between teammates and opposing teams are prohibited. Players should show an alternative display of comradely or celebration
  4. No spitting on or off the courts
    1. Players will be given one warning and asked to leave immediately after any additional violations
  5. All players who are sick or not feeling well are required to stay home.
    1. If symptoms appear while at the court, the leadership board retains the right to ask the player to leave and seek medical care.