2019 Stonewall Kickball Pittsburgh Spring Registration Information

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Did somebody say Spring?

Well, it’s time to clean off those cleats and lay down the bases at Arsenal Park for our 10th Season of Kickball in the City!! 

Whether you are a returning player from a previous season or completely brand new to the league, we are very excited to have you joining this Spring!

This season we have 2 options when you register:



Ready to create a team? Then make sure you register as a “TEAM CAPTAIN.” Once you register as a captain and create your team you can either invite players to your team via email, or add them directly from the free agents list. ONLY 1 (“ONE”) person per team can sign up as the captain. All others must sign up as FREE AGENTS using the email invite, or directly through the registration page.

Are you joining as a team player, or haven’t found a team yet? Then register as a “FREE AGENT.” All players, new and returning, that are not the captain will register as a free agent. Don’t worry, you will still get on your team! Team captains can invite you or you can search teams yourself to see who is playing where!! Find a team you want to be on, reach out to the captain, and get yourself on their lineup before the team reaches 20 players!

Please feel welcome to message Commissioner “Devin Redinger” on Facebook if you have any questions or concerns at all. No matter how big or small. Whether it be you’re nervous about starting a new team, worried about not getting picked, not sure how to ask people to join your team or to join their team, etc….. You are not alone! Stonewall Kickball – Pittsburgh is going on its 10th season this Spring 2019 and there is not much the leadership team has not already heard and helped resolve. You can also email Devin at StonewallKickballPGH@gmail.com.

Important Information for this Spring Season:

  • Captains will be asked this season to select a TEAM AMBASSADOR to champion league communications on events, social gatherings, and other happenings during the season. More details will be made available to Captains once registration has opened.
  • There is no cap to this season’s registration. By the end of registration in order for a team to participate in the 2019 Spring Season it must have at least 14 players. Make sure you register quickly not to miss out, and start recruiting team members right away! This also pertains to free agents. In the case that all teams are full and unwilling to take additional players, and there are not at least 14 free agents to form an additional team, remaining free agents may unfortunately be refunded and unable to play. This isn’t likely to happen but we would like to make everyone aware from the beginning.
  • As with any season, Games MAY start as early as 11AM. This will be determined once the total number of teams for the season are known.
  • Players NOT PAID IN FULL by the close of registration (12pm on Saturday, March 9th) will forfeit their registration and not be placed on a team. Contact our Commissioner Devin Redinger if you have any concerns about this via facebook messenger or email (StonewallKickballPGH@gmail.com)
  • The amount of innings played increased last season from 5 to 7 along with several changes to the rule book from previous seasons. We will make announcements and have meetings in order to ensure everyone gets up to speed on these changes before the season starts.


Teams must have at least 14 players (paid in full) to be considered a team, but will not officially be considered full until the team reaches a maximum number of 20 players. Teams may be assigned players until the team is considered full. Teams may also have more than 20 players if they so choose, but will not be required.

To assist the league in communicating to all the players, each team’s captain must chose someone from their team to be their “CO-CAPTAIN” as well as someone else from the team to be the “TEAM AMBASSADOR.”

Team Captains must email or FB message their choice for Co-Captain & Team Ambassador to Devin Redinger (StonewallKickballPGH@gmail.com) ASAP. No later than the close of registration.


The Spring 2019 Season, played at Arsenal Park in Lawrenceville, will begin on Sunday, March 31st, and end with our championship on Sunday, May 19th (weather permitting). To see the full schedule click here.

All games will be played on Sundays. The number of games played per Sunday will be based on the number of teams that register. The full schedule to be released shortly after the close of registration. As stated above, games MAY START AT 11AM this season and the last games MAY START AT 5PM, depending on number of teams.


Dues for the this season will be $45 (plus a processing fee of $3.51). Payment is due in full prior to the close of registration. Any player not paid in full by 12PM on Saturday, March 9th will not be considered a registered player, forfeiting their spot in the league.Please note: A player is not confirmed to the league or a team until payment is paid in full.

Team Color Selection:

Once a team has secured 14 registered players, the team captain may request to pick the team’s color for their league shirts. Colors may be limited to two like colors per season. Color choices will be sent to team captains for selection. Team captains will FB message Devin Redinger or email StonewallKickballPGH@gmail.com to request and secure their color choice.

Playoffs & Championship Games:

This season’s playoffs & championship game will be played on Sunday, May 19th (weather permitting).Games may start earlier than normal weekly start times to accommodate all the games. Playoff bracket and times of all playoff games will be made available shortly after the last normal season games have been played.

Sunday Play:

Each team may be required to participate in multiple doubleheaders this season based on the number of registered teams. League leadership will post the official schedule and times as quickly as possible once registration closes. Note: Game start times may be 11AM, Noon, 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5pm.

Out of 6 Sundays in the normal season you should expect to play 8 total games, with 2 doubleheader days most likely to occur based on registration turnout.

Games will be played on the following Sundays: 3/31, 4/7, 4/14, 4/21, 4/28, 5/5, 5/19. One of these weekends will be the annual Friends & Family day (TBD based on weather). Rain make up games will be scheduled, if needed, throughout the season. The following are potential make up game days if needed: Mother’s Day (May12th), Memorial Day (May 26th) and June 2nd.

If you are interested in being an UMPIRE this season, please select “yes” when completing your registration. League leadership will reach out to you with more details. Umpires will be required to attend an umpire meeting before the season begins. Date and location TBD soon. Those who volunteer to Umpire regularly throughout the season will receive gift cards at the end of the season for their greatly appreciated contribution to the league.

If you have any questions or comments please reach out to Commissioner Devin Redinger on FB or at StonewallKickballPGH@gmail.com.

Who’s Excited For Kickball!!