2019 Kickball Spring Schedule

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Registration Closed12PM, Saturday, March 9th

Captains, Umpires and Team Ambassadors Meetings: TBD

T-Shirt & Kickoff Party:  Friday, March 29th (7PM @ PERSAD)

Game Schedule:

(NO Scrimmage)

Week 1:  Sunday, March 31st

Week 2:  Sunday, April 7th

Week 4:  Sunday, April 21st

Week 5 (Friends & Family Day):  Sunday, April 28th

Week 6:  Sunday, May 5th

Week 3 (Rain Day Makeup): Sunday, May 12th

Week 7 (Playoffs):  Sunday, May 19th

PLAYOFFS (All Teams) & CHAMPIONSHIP GAME:  Sunday, May 19th  (start time to be determined, and may be earlier than regular season game start time)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rain make up games will be played as needed and made up throughout the posted schedule. These days are potential make up game days if needed: Mother’s Day (May 12th), Memorial Day (May 26th) and June 2nd.

EVENTS: Season events will be announced on Stonewall Kickball’s Facebook Page and  a Newsletter. Make sure to join our closed Facebook group as well as entering a valid email address at registration.