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Bowling Health & Safety Outline

For Stonewall Alliance and Stonewall Sports Pittsburgh, hosting a league is more than just gathering a group of people for a recreational activity.  The league also wants to ensure thoughtful and responsible health and safety standards are in place.  This guide provides detailed actions taken by Stonewall Sports Pittsburgh and AMF to create a safe environment for league play. 

Stonewall Bowling Pittsburgh will adhere to CDC, PA State DOH and Allegheny County health and safety guidelines. The program reserves the right to adapt the policies below at any time to align with those the latest federal, state and local health authorities. Any changes will be communicated with registered participants and updated on this official page. 

Last updated 5/25/2021

League Operations & Rules

The following league rules have inadvertent health and safety benefits when it comes to the spread of germs and disease.

  • Team Size:
    Team size is limited to 6 rostered players.
  • Flexible Attendance Policy:
    Rosters may contain up to 6 players per team, though only 2 players are required to be present for a league lineup. Players that feel ill are recommended not to attend.
  • Non-Scored Bowlers (optional):
    While all present bowlers must have their scores at least one game per series (once per night), bowlers are not required to bowl during games when their scores are not being counted against the opposing team. 

The following modifications will be made in a return to league play following COVID-19.

  • End of Season Tournament Format:
    New. For the end of season tournament, teams can now request to not move lanes in between tournament rounds.  By not changing lanes between rounds, the number of surfaces a player would come in contact with would be reduced. 

Health & Safety Standards from AMF/Bowlero Corporation

AMF Noble Manor Lanes, a corporate location of the AMF/Bowlero Corporation, has published facility health and safety information available at  

The bowling alley and its staff are practicing the following health and safety standards:

  • We are working with professional industrial hygienists to ensure that our centers are clean, sanitized and maintained on a regular basis.
  • Balls and shoes are being thoroughly sanitized and guests will be provided with disinfecting wipes and/or spray, as needed.
  • Shoes will continue to be sanitized after each use with high-impact disinfectant spray.
  • All Arcade Games and Kiosks will be thoroughly cleaned, paying special attention to joysticks, buttons, prize slots and card readers.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for all guests to use and will be checked and replenished hourly.
  • We will regularly clean and sanitize guest touchpoints and surfaces.
  • All staff will be temperature checked prior to beginning their shifts.
  • All staff will wear personal protective equipment (face masks) and adhere to social distancing guidelines. Food handlers will also wear gloves for the entirety of their shift.

As operations resume following COVID-19, AMF/Bowlero has adopted modified practices for some of their operations. 

  • There will be a limit of 4-6 people per lane.
  • An empty lane will separate bowlers from other bowling groups.
  • There will be no ball sharing between [bowling groups].
  • Our amazing food and beverage menu will be available with self-service ordering to limit staff contact.
  • We will be removing furniture to create more space in the building as a means to adhere to social distancing practices.
  • Arcade games will be moved and spaced out, where possible, to maintain social distancing practices. Some games may be inoperable during this time.
  • Until further notice, laser tag arenas will not be in operation.
  • Where possible, a separate shoe return station will be set up to limit contact with staff.
  • Center capacity will be monitored closely to ensure an appropriate number of guests are in the center at any one time.

Personal Participant Cooperation

When participating in the league, each participant may exercise the following additional health and safety practices as added measures:

  • Wearing a face mask when within a 6-foot distance of other participants, unless they meet the CDC criteria to be considered “fully vaccinated.”
  • Purchase personal bowling shoes and bowling balls for use during play
  • Do not touch your face during league play
  • Find alternative celebratory measures to the traditional high-five that avoid touching or personal contact with other league members
  • Frequent hand washing or sanitizer use